Double up your happiness through hand-written letters.

Are we screening our bygone emotions by technology? Or Did our emotions went outdated because of technology? I’m glad that we are updating us every moment. Whatever media we are using now is ease the process of connecting with people, the distance became a number. But the question here is, whether chit-chatting via social media really express everything you feel? Does it maintain your privacy? Do we know how many screenshots were taken from our chat? Forget about the screenshot, are you really getting the essence of emotions while texting?

               I agree that a phone call, an instant message and a gift can make a person happy but it can neither build a relationship nor enhance the bond between people as the handwritten letter does. Even people who don’t like to write letters will love to receive them, Am I right? Pakka, I will react like I have won a lottery whenever I get a letter from my loved ones.  When I was a kid my grandmother used to send me letters and I treasured it because it was something I would never get if I lost it once. No Google pay, Paytm and Phone pe can match with the money order sent by my grandmother. I could see the meaning of real nostalgia whenever my parents show some letters and say that those are sent by their siblings during 1990s and 1980s. Do we get this kind of memories in future, if we say to our kids that this text was sent by their dad, aunt or uncle 20 years back? Of course not.

               Receiving letters from your loved ones and reading it whenever you want like in monsoon evening with a coffee or on a winter night under the blanket would double up the happiness. Also, reading a letter written by a person’s own handwriting would give you a magical sensation. There is nothing in the world that will be as satisfying as you sending handwritten letters. Trying to put up all your emotions into words, checking it to the 50th time whether you have mentioned everything you felt and yeah waiting impatiently to know whether it reached the right person or not. Meanwhile, longing for a letter from your loved one. Those are something that we can’t express in 26 letters.  I know everyone is bored of using cell phones and laptops in this lockdown. Take a pen, frame up your emotions, longings, wishes and memories by words. Either send it to that person or give them when you meet the person next time. May it be a little precious surprise for your friend or a family member or a loved one. It will also help you to regain your lost memories. Try to imbed a little smile on your loved one’s face because all you can do in this critical time is making them happy by confessing how important that person is to you. As well, try to append a handwritten letter whenever you are gifting someone in future. There is life beyond technology.

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